3 Helpful Tips For Properly Cleaning Tile

Are you finding it much more difficult to keep your tile and grout clean these days? With the added traffic over the summer and the fact we were all on lockdown in 2020, it’s easy to understand how the griminess could have gotten out of hand. It’s never going to be perfect, but you can always prevent it from getting worse. So we wanted to give you 3 helpful tips for properly cleaning tile.

Tile cleaning is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. Many years ago we didn’t have a choice on the type of tile we were able to choose from. Today, there are so many new choices, from pretty stones to great-looking faux tile that you can put on your floor. Additionally, homeowners often want the grout to match the tile, so they don’t have contrast. It’s important to be aware of the solutions you use, as well as the method so the tile comes out looking great.

When Cleaning Tile | Stop The Mop

Our immediate reaction when we spill food or some other substance on our tile is to pull out the mop and bucket. We are here today to tell you to STOP. 

Alright, maybe don’t stop completely using your mop to clean up the mess.

 However, it’s important to make sure the mop & bucket method is properly used. People tend to use the same mop water on their tile as long as there is soap still in the water. That water often becomes completely saturated with dirt that then gets dragged over the grout making it dirtier than it was. Make sure to clean that water on larger mopping jobs so you save the grout from discoloration. 

Another option is to use a steam mop when properly cleaning tile floors. There are many advantages to using a steam mop, but we’d like to share just a few. One of the best advantages to using a steam mop is how fast they dry the floor after you clean it. Because you are using hot water and less of it, your floors are able to dry instantly. One more advantage is not having to deal with the dirty buckets of water. Steam mops use the water in their containers and the mop towel to hold dirt picked up from the floor. This leaves you with just leftover clean water to get rid of. You can read more about the advantages of steam mops here.

Go The Extra Mile For Your Tile

Another tip you should know when properly cleaning tile is what type of material the tile is made of. As we mentioned early on, tile is not just plain jane anymore. Tile comes in many different options varying from ceramic, cement, marble, porcelain, and stone. In addition, there are many various designs and colors of tile and now grout. All of these options come into play when it is time to clean your tile. Make sure you know what type of flooring you have so that you don’t end up with chemical stains. Most of the time these mistakes can be fixed, but sometimes they can be more costly than expected. That is why it counts to go the extra mile.

The Solution Is The Solution

One of the most important tips we can give you is to make sure you, and the professional you hire, know what solution to use. It’s unfortunate, but there are a lot of companies out there that are just not hiring educated technicians. Their lack of experience can be costly to you in many ways. 

If a tech uses the wrong solution on your tile it can change the color of your grout.

I’m not sure if you have ever had to regrout your kitchen or dining area, but it is not cheap. Making sure you are using the right type of solution from the beginning can save you tons.

The correct way when properly cleaning tile floors is going to be by using an alkaline solution. An alkaline solution is similar to a degreaser for your floor. This solution will get the oil and stuff out of your grout lines and help them look brand new. If the job gets to be too much, they may have to do an acid solution type of cleaning which will require etching of the grout. This can be a very tedious and expensive process, which is why we tell you to make sure you hire the right team to do the job.

Finding the Right Team

By following these three tips you will be sure to have a great-looking tile floor. Not to mention you will be saving some money. Having a beautifully designed tile floor can be a real statement piece in your home. It is important to make sure that you are taking the proper steps to maintain it. That includes making sure you are hiring the right folks. Hiring a team that has knowledge of the type of tile you have in your house will ensure they use the right solution. Using the right solution will ensure that your floors look great. However, if you have any questions, give us a call, and we’ll take care of y’all!