3 Ways To Reduce Allergy Symptoms Naturally

I feel like we have been talking about the weather quite a bit lately. How can we not, living here in Texas? 2021 has not let us down with temps from the teens all the way up to the 80s. We’ve seen rainy days, snowy days, sunny days, and the worst during spring, windy days. Sure it’s not snow, but a Texan would argue windy days are the worst because it blows pollen everywhere. This week we are going to tell you 3 ways to reduce allergy symptoms naturally.

This year has already shown us one of the highest cedar counts in Texas history at 31,587. That is insane. It led many to visit the doctor’s office to get some relief from the brutal symptoms suffered. There are 3 natural ways to help prevent it from being so bad, before and definitely after. Because there is no reason for you to suffer in and out of your home.

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Pollen is not only a nuisance outside of your house. Allergens are so microscopic, that they can get in through the tiniest cracks around your home. This means that when you open any door in your home, you are unintentionally letting in tons of allergies. Those allergies then can go anywhere they want, especially as they enter your central air system. This is one of the hardest things to prevent.

As air flow calms, the allergens start to settle onto your furniture and in your carpet and area rugs. Deep cleaning your carpets reduces the amount of allergens that are reintroduced indoors. It is a more natural way to reduce your symptoms and minimize the time you have to suffer. Additionally, saving you from buying tons of pills and putting money back in your pocket.

Sit This One Out 

The next answer to bypass allergy season, or at least get by with minimal symptoms, is sitting right under you. That’s right folks your furniture and upholstery. As mentioned before, the allergens that you track in coming in and out of the front door fly freely and settle. This can be from you, or very likely from your pets. Every time that you sit on your couch or upholstered chairs you poof up allergens. Reduce this by having your furniture and drapes cleaned by a professional. This way you aren’t causing more allergies to enter your indoor air quality.

Allergy Symptoms Super Highway

The final way to naturally reduce the amount of allergies you are breathing in at home is to clean air ducts. It is so important to make sure you are keeping your central air system maintained. This is the lifeline for your home’s air quality. As new microbial allergens are brought into your house they are vacuumed into the air ducts and blown into other areas of your home. So no matter how hard you try to get away, they are everywhere.

The best way to prevent this, and reduce your allergies is to clean the air ducts occasionally. Professionals will come in and use proper tools so that no dust or allergens escape and enter the environment again. Other natural ways that you can keep your ducts clean is to spend a little more money on high quality air filters. This will catch microbes before they enter into the air ducts.

Inhale With Confidence 

Allergies affect everyone differently. So even following these great tips we provide to today may not save you from Cedar Fever. However, we can guarantee that these tips will help reduce the impact and improve air quality in your home. If you have suffered year after year from allergies and are tired of it, this may be your answer. We hope this helps you as the allergy season approaches. As we like to say here at Topaz, “Just One Call, We’ll Take Care Of Y’all!”.