A Carpet Cleaning Company That Cares about San Antonio

Yes, it’s true! We are a carpet cleaning company that cares about San Antonio! Why? Well, there is definitely a backstory, but we recently had an experience that added fuel to our burning love of this great city!

On Monday, November 15th, our owner, Earnest Glenn, was meeting with one of his business advisors, Stephanie, for lunch at a restaraunt off of I-10 here in San Antonio. As per usual, Joe, (Topaz’s mascot and beloved dog), went along for the ride. Since the weather was great, he would be safe in Earnest’s truck…. So Earnest thought. 

Sometime between 12:30 and 2:00 pm, Earnest’s truck was stolen… and Joe was in it! The moment Earnest and his business advisor walked outside of the restaurant, their hearts sank. Of course, it is frustrating for a Truck to be stolen, but it is a whole different feeling for a beloved pet — a member of Earnest’s family — to be stolen! 

After running back inside the restaurant, in hopes that their exterior cameras might have some useful information, Earnest and Stephanie learned that their cameras were currently nonfunctional. One of their employees even mentioned that this was the fourth vehicle stolen from that restaruant in a single week. 

Earnest immediately called the police to report his missing truck and dog. The police informed him that they would arrive when they could. After waiting at the restaurant for over two hours, the police told him to go home, and they would meet him at his house when they could. At 10:00 PM, the police finally came to Earnest’s home and to file the police report. 

There IS A Happy Ending!

Immediately, the Topaz team made posts to social media offering a $200 reward. Clients started reaching out and offering to chip in money to increase the award. By that evening, the award was up to $2000. By the next day, the Topaz team released a mini video about Joe. Soon thereafter, Sharon Ko from KENS5 saw it and immediately wanted to help! They came out to Topaz Cleaning and Restoration’s location, interviewed Earnest, and broadcast photos of Joe across San Antonio! 

On Thursday, Joe was spotted by a young man working at Best Buy. The person that made the call to report that he had Joe refused the reward. He said, “You have your dog back, that’s the important thing and I can’t accept your money, I have dogs too.”

The thing is, San Antonians banded together, showered Earnest with support, and helped bring Joe home! Earnest was (and still is) blown away by the love and support. KENS5 even did a follow-up story!

What This Has to Do with Carpet Cleaning

Over 20 years ago, Earnest moved back to Texas (he is a proud Native Texan) from Colorado. After purchasing his house, he was super disappointed with the company he hired to deep clean his new home. 

After mentioning this to his realtor, he learned that San Antonio is in dire need of a carpet cleaning company that cares about the quality of its work!

Soon thereafter, Earnest got into the carpet cleaning business simply to offer high-quality cleaning services to San Antonians. (In the beginning, he actually opened a franchise business. But in 2017, he was not happy with their standards! So, he created Topaz Cleaning and Restoration.) 

Quickly, he realized that dirty carpet (even carpet that doesn’t “look” dirty) can actually cause many health problems. That sparked his curiosity, which lead him to learn about additional areas of the house that could cause health problems and major damage to the structural integrity of the home. Then, he added services to thoroughly clean those areas, too!

So, Earnest dedicated his entire company to cleaning homes for a purpose — making San Antonian’s homes safe and healthy! Thus, Topaz Cleaning and Restoration became a carpet cleaning company that cares about San Antonio! 


Back to Joe and Recent Events

Earnest’s innate love of San Antonio has shone through his business for years… even through Covid-19 and economic slumps (where many business owners lost their love for their companies and cities), his passion was still there. Then on that terrible day in November, his faith for the community was put to the test and yet again, it prevailed.

Here at Topaz Cleaning and Restoration, we love our community and customers. Because we love them, we are a carpet cleaning company that cares

We are actually more than just carpet! We also clean area rugs, air ducts, curtains/drapes, upholstered furniture, dryer vents, the exterior sides of houses, roofs, walkways/driveways, natural stone, and tile & grout! And yes! We bring the same level of care to every single service that we offer!