Things You Should Consider Before Choosing an Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider

Is your air duct system not working properly? Have you noticed a significant change in the quality of air that is being circulated throughout your office? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you might want to consider hiring an air duct cleaning company. Air ducts are often neglected until they become so clogged with dirt and debris that they can no longer work efficiently. Now that you are aware of the issue, you should consider a few things before appointing the right service provider.

Research is The Key

If you are looking for a reliable air duct cleaning service provider, then research is your first step towards success. You might consider looking at the top 10 companies on the internet who have the best online reviews. The best way to choose the top ten for your list is by reading reviews and ratings given by the customers that have hired those companies in the past. If you happen to work in the same city as the company you are thinking about hiring, you can even ask your friends and family members if they know someone who provides the best air duct cleaning in San Antonio.

Check the Companies Reputation

Now that you have a list of ten air duct cleaning company names, start checking the company’s online reputation one by one. I’m sure you have already shortlisted the best ones when you read the reviews and ratings. The next thing you do to shortlist the best in your selection list is to check what their clientele says about them. You can even call up the service providers and ask questions to help you understand their working style and how many years they have been in this field.

Check what Material does the Company Use for Cleaning Purposes

Many people may not know this, but there are different types of duct cleaning companies and the methods they use. Some companies will use a chemical-free approach to clean your ducts, while others may use chemicals such as acetone or chlorine dioxide gas. There is no right answer to which type you should choose – it’s all about what company you feel most comfortable with and what they offer for pricing.

Talk to them and get to Know how Much Time it will Take?

Hiring a HVAC air duct cleaning company can be time-consuming, and you don’t want the productivity of your office to be interrupted. It is important to know how much time the process will take before hiring a specific company. There are many steps involved in the process of duct cleaning, such as:

  • Inspecting your system.
  • Removing debris from vents.
  • Vacuuming dust and dirt from inside of ducts.
  • Applying a chemical treatment to kill bacteria and mold spores that may have accumulated on surfaces inside of an air handler or furnace cabinet.

The entire process usually takes one day, but some companies offer a two-day service for larger areas with more ventilation systems. So, if you want them to run on a deadline, let them know ahead of time.

Real Professionals will be good at handling the job from start to finish. If you just rely on a cleaning employee in your business to do the air duct cleaning, they might not get you the best results. Chances are they will not have the time, knowledge and equipment to spend on highly specialized work like this. If you are still unsure and can’t figure out which company is the best service provider to fulfill your needs, contact us! Being the best in the industry, we will never let you down.