Cleaning Draperies That Have Wet Stains

Nothing looks nicer than a window framed with a nice set of drapes. When done right you can really transport you or your guest to another dimension. However, like much of your furniture and upholstery, your drapes tend to soak in the elements of their surrounding. Causing wear and tear. This can be in the form of dust, mustiness, or oils. Today though, we want to talk about cleaning draperies that have wet stains.

As we mentioned, your home’s furniture and upholstery soak in all of the conditions of the environment. So if dirt is floating in the area, the drapes will catch it. If you are cooking fajitas in the kitchen the aroma will stay trapped in the fibers. Often if your windows create condensation, your curtains will naturally soak in that moisture. This creates stains at the bottom after they dry out. Especially when the sun hits that window directly.

Fra-jil-ie, Must Be French

Drapes are a fragile piece of upholstery and home decor. As we mentioned earlier they can really make your space enjoyable and set the mood. However, because they are so fragile it means that you have to make sure you are cleaning draperies properly. There are a couple of things you should know about your drapes before you attempt to clean any water stains on your own.

First, you should know that drapery fabrics are certified as flame or fire-retardant. This is to decrease the risk of them starting a fire in your home. This means that those drapes are not supposed to be cleaned like other normal fabrics. By doing so you are putting your home at risk. So always look at the cleaning instructions before attempting on your own.

The second reason to be cautious when you clean your drapery is that it’s not your $5 t-shirt from Old Navy. You invest your hard-earned money in your decor and it is a shame when you don’t care for it properly. The fibers on your drapes are delicate and need to be tended to properly. If you do not have the resources to remove water stains make sure to call a professional.

Cleaning Your Draperies Properly

Water stains can be very tricky when trying to remove them from your drapes. If you cannot or do not want to attempt it on your own always seek a professional. Being able to get the water stains out of your drapes is a case by case task. In some cases you are not going to be able to remove the stains, and some will come out. One thing is certain dry cleaning will not get them out. If the water stain came from water, by either flooding or soaking condensation from your windows. Then you have a shot at getting those stains out.

Your best bet is going to have a professional assess the situation and discover where the stains came from. At that point, a professional can start their process of rehabilitating those drapes back to proper form. Topaz has been cleaning drapery and upholstery for many years now, and we do it the proper way. Make sure that you research any business that says they can do it because the list is shrinking. Which is not what you want your drapes to do, shrink. It can happen, in addition to losing their color or form.

Hanging Tough

Cleaning your drapes is not an easy task. Finding a professional to perform the job the right way is even tougher. Ask questions like whether they will perform it onsite or at their facilities. Maybe ask them if you need to remove the drapes from the wall or if they will do that. Finally, ask them while the drapes are removed if they have temporary options to keep you from being exposed. The right business you choose to go with will be able to answer all of these questions and some. Always remember, if they can’t… Give us a call, and we’ll take care of y’all.