How Fast Should You Clean Mud Off Carpet

It seems Texas decided to turn May showers into June typhoons. We got so much rain in the central Texas area, and it made a real mess. If you are like us you had family walking in and out, not to mention pets bringing in their tracks. This all brings up a great common question we get at Topaz… How Fast Should You Clean Mud Off Carpet?

This is a great question. This week we are going to talk about how to clean mud off carpet brought in by furry friends and family. The answer may surprise you. It may sound silly, but believe us this is going to save you in the long run. By following these methods you are going to get one of the best gifts to come.

Quick! Get the SHAMPOOER!

So many of us go through some sort of emotion when we spot a muy mess on our carpet. Sadness, when we see another mess we have to clean inside the house. Anger, when we think of all the times we have asked our family to wipe their feet or take off their shoes. Panic, because we feel we have to hurry as fast as we can to remove the mess before it stains. Have you ever felt one of these emotions?

Well I have good news for you. You can let out a giant “woosa”, because that mess on your carpet is not going to ruin your day. In fact, the best thing you can do to make sure you’re not making it worse is wait, at least a day to make sure it dries. Once it dries, take a vacuum and just clean the area like you would other areas of your carpet. That’s it.

Benefits of Being Patient

So cleaning that muddy spot wasn’t so hard, and it takes minimal effort. There are many benefits to being patient as well. One of those benefits is you’re able to save time before you call your carpet cleaning friends again. There are times when you should call your carpet cleaning professionals in a hurry and times you can postpone. We have talked about this in a previous blog. Mud on the carpet is not one of those times you need to call in a hurry.

The next benefit of being patient when needing to clean mud off carpet is you get time to do other things. June is a very busy month. Graduations are happening, and families are planning for vacation. Therefore it is probably not the month that you are going to want to schedule a carpet cleaning too. So take this time and extra cash to go enjoy your summer and spoil those graduates who have worked so hard all year long.

The Importance of Cleaning After Vacuuming

When it is all said and done you are going to need to clean that carpet so you can pull out a rain season’s worth of dirt. It is not recommended that you let the muddy areas of your carpet penetrate too long. In addition, to the mud your carpet has probably trapped more dirt and allergens in the fibers underneath the carpet. A great time to have this one is once the kids are back in school. Have a professional come out and take a look so they can recommend the best service for your rainy season mess. You can learn more about the types of cleaning in our past blogs.

Finally, we hope that you enjoy your summer, and that the rainy season wasn’t too much of a mess for y’all. Go relax and take a trip somewhere. Enjoy some family time before you have to get back to reality. Most of all, if you have questions or need some advice on cleaning your home inside or out… Give us a call, and we’ll take care of y’all!