How Much Does It Cost for Carpet Cleaning?

The Holidays have arrived here in Texas. This means it is time for hunting, shopping, and hosting your family over for the big day. With the fun comes the mess and the spending. Mud tracks, food stains, and wine spills, oh my! This week we are going to tackle our most common question. How much does it cost for Carpet Cleaning?

Where Can I Find Pricing?

First off, do your research. You are going to be able to find prices everywhere. An example of where you can find pricing, the internet. If you search for “How much does it cost for Carpet Cleaning?” on a search engine you’ll get thousands of results. To find legitimate prices, you should look for search results that direct you to professional carpet cleaners, or go directly to Angie’s List

Another place you could find pricing, on a sign in your neighborhood. You know the one we are talking about. “$9.95 Carpet Cleaning”, “$25 per room”, and “$150 Whole House Shampoo”. These may sound like great deals, but what they don’t advertise are the extra costs. You call, and they show up just to tell you you need deodorizer, furniture moving costs, and more. Pretty soon $9.95 turns into $250.00.

Lastly, I would recommend that you just pick up the phone and call. Two great things can come out of this. When you call a pro, you are hearing it  straight from the horse’s mouth. Meaning you are going to get a professional consultation, and proper quote. Also by calling the pro, you can ask them if they are running any specials.

What To Expect From Various Price Levels

After doing your research, you are going to be left with various prices to choose from. Here is what you can expect. As we said, a $9.95 cleaning is not actually a only $9.95, nobody is going to or should do a couple of hours of work for that amount of money. Once you add on fees, deodorizer and other add-ons, one room can end up costing $45.

The $25 range is closer to what you should expect for a starting per room cost. Depending on the size of the room you can probably find a really good deal at this price level. Beware of the Splash and Dash Bandit that we’ve mentioned in previous blogs. Sometimes businesses advertising a price this low could be a scam.

When you start hearing pricing in the hundreds, you should expect that they are quoting you for a special type of cleaning or a proper deep cleaning. Maybe even some add-ons. So this price can be for one large room, or multiple rooms depending on the size and type of cleaning.

So What Should I Pay For A Carpet Cleaning?

In the end, you are going to get many quotes from multiple businesses. They are all going to be different, and they are all going to provide different services. On average, you should expect to pay anywhere from $29 to $69 per room. Remember to ask questions. Do you charge extra for deodorizer? Do you move the furniture or do I have to? What type of cleaning does this include? All of these things are going to make sure you get the most accurate quote. So get your quote, read some reviews and choose the best business to meet your needs. From all of us at Topaz, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We look forward to tending to your carpet cleaning needs soon!