How Often Should You Clean Area Rugs?


Snow in Texas? Can you believe it? What a winter we are having down south. Hopefully you had a chance to see the rare sight. If you did build a snowman, or have a snowball fight, I’m sure you experience the mess snow causes. Unfortunately, that mess doesn’t stay outside. It comes inside and gets pushed down into your area rugs. Which brings us to this week’s topic. How often should you clean area rugs?

3 Reasons You Should Clean Your Area Rugs

Before we get to how often you should clean your area rugs, let’s talk about why. The first reason why you should clean your area rugs has to do with what actually goes under your rugs, your floors. Rugs just aren’t to make a fashion statement in your home, although they can be quite the addition. The most important reason for area rugs is to protect and help extend the life of your carpet and hardwood floors. When you place rugs in high traffic areas, they preserve your carpet and hardwood floors from regular cleaning. In turn you add years to the life of your floors, a great investment for you in the long run.

The next reason you should clean area rugs has to do with your health. Now why would cleaning area rugs improve your health. Well by cleaning your area rugs, as well as your curtains, and furniture you are cleaning away dust and allergies. Area rugs act as filter traps for dust, mold and 

other allergies, which you then breathe in. This can have an effect on you and your families health. So it is important to keep your rugs clean which will in turn have you breathing cleaner air.

Finally, cleaning your area rugs is affordable. Especially when you put it against the cost of replacing your carpet or refinishing your hardwood floors. It will potentially save you a lot of money over many years. These are just a few reasons why you should clean your area rugs. Now let’s cover why this process is more affordable than having professionals clean your whole carpet or hardwood floors.

Shaking The Dust Off Your Rug

It’s very rare that you do not go outside for even a minute on a daily basis. Even in that minute you pick up dirt, grass, and other outside debris and walk it inside your home. Where does it all go? Directly to your high traffic areas. Starting with your entryway, living area, bedrooms, kitchen, and anywhere else you spend most of your time. These are all great places to put area rugs. As time goes by all of that outside debris goes into your rugs and the time comes to take them to get clean. So how does that work?

First off, it starts with a thorough inspection to find any areas of concern that may need to be tended to. Once that is taken care of then we vacuum the rug with a commercial grade vacuum, and hit it with our encapsulation machine. The encapsulation machine uses a powerful vibration to knock any leftover dust out. This is pounded out and sent down through a grated filter placed beneath the rug. We then presoak the rug with a cleaning solution, to get ready and scrub the rug with our rotating cleaner. Finally we extract the water and let it dry before it is ready to go back in your home.

When To Lug The Rug

Now that you understand some of the reasons you need to clean area rugs, let’s talk about how often. Area rugs are the unsung hero of your home. They help pull a room together all while protecting your floors. Just like carpet there are multiple methods to cleaning area rugs. You now know the professional way, but what if you have a spill or stain? If you have a spill or stain then using a spot cleaner and safe solution to clean it instantly. It may not get the whole stain out, but it will do the job temporarily.

However, for your deep cleans you are going to want to clean your area rugs every three to five years. Rugs that you have in your high traffic areas are the rugs that you should clean every three years. As we mentioned before, your shoes bring in so much debris from outside. Shoot, even just opening your front and back door is an open invite for dust to fly in. For other rugs in not so high traffic areas, you can wait a little longer. Either way, it is very important to take care of your rugs so they can take care of you.