How To Choose A Good Air Duct Cleaning Company

Well it’s here folks. Spring cleaning season. The time of year you start to hear ads on the radio, and commercials on TV. Whether it be from home cleaning services or carpet cleaning pros. They are all out to help you get ready for a fresh spring. You’re probably loaded with flyers in the mail from cleaning companies wanting to clean your air ducts for $99. So this week we’re going to help you narrow your choices. We are going to share with you how to choose a good air duct cleaning company.

How to Choose a Good Air Duct Cleaning Company- Ignore The Bait & Switch

When you hear those ads or see those signs on the side of the road for $99 anything, please don’t believe them. These companies make you think that for $99 they’re going to send a tech out and give you the deal of the century. Really?! They’re going to send a company truck out, full of gas, work for 4-6 hours, and clean your air ducts properly just for $99? I don’t think so.

Here is what is really going to happen. They will drive to your home. Break out a ladder to look inside your vents for 5-10 minutes.

They’ll use a couple of fancy tools, put your vent back on and tell you that there is actually more that needs to be done than a basic cleaning. Or tell you that they found mold, without even doing a proper test. All of this followed by a $1200 quote before leaving your home all to come back another day, or leaving you to search for another “deal”. Folks, please don’t fall for the bait and switch.

A Little Goes A  Long Way

You can’t believe the first sign you see. Your home is a huge investment, make sure to spend some time doing some research. Here are a couple of things that you should know before you choose a good air duct cleaning company. 

  • What type of air duct system do you have in your home
  • Is the estimate really free
  • Is the company Insured and Certified
  • Take time to read reviews

If you can make the time to do this research then you can narrow down the number of choices. It’s important to know what type of air duct system you have so you know what you are being charged for. This can save you money for upcharges and other fees companies may try to blow past you. Ask your home builder or do a quick google search. 

Another good practice is to ask the company before they send someone to your home what costs are involved. Is the estimate free? What does the “special” include? You can even ask them how much a house your size would cost. This will save you from any surprises. Finally, check their reviews on Angi’s List. All this will help you choose a good air duct cleaning company.

What To Look For

So you have chosen your company of choice and the day has arrived. What is it that you should look for to make sure everything is happening the right way. Well a proper air duct cleaning company is going to use the negative air cleaning method. This where the company ties a huge vacuum to your home’s air ducts and sucks everything backwards. This keeps the cleaners from contaminating your home with the current allergens in your system. By sucking those allergens out backwards they can trap it in a HEPA filter and remove it properly.

In addition to the proper method of cleaning you should also make sure of the following:

  • If you have flex-ducts, make sure the HVAC cleaning company does not use brushes to scrape the ducts. Many homes and businesses have flex-ducts made from a plastic material, which easily tears.
  • Avoid duct steam-cleaning. It will introduce moisture into your system, which will recirculate into the air and eventually promote mold growth.
  • Make sure the HVAC cleaning company cleans more than the ducts. The HVAC provider should clean the grilles, registers and various HVAC system components such as HVAC coils, motors, and fans.

What’s This All Gonna Cost?

You are going to find that there are a lot of reputable companies out there that will do the job properly. Follow some of these tips and you should be able to choose a good air duct cleaning company. It should also save you from spending more than the $99 expected but still getting the $99 job. A proper air duct cleaning from a reputable company should cost somewhere around the range of $600-$800. This also depends on the size of your house and granted there is no mold.

Educate yourself. Avoid the bait & switch. Be involved in the process so that you don’t get duped. And if all else fails, contact Topaz Cleaning & Restoration. Just one call, we take care of y’all.