How to Prepare Your House for Back to School

We have all heard about Spring Cleaning! But have you heard, or do you ever consider, Fall Cleaning? Here’s the thing, every time you or your family enters your house, allergens, bacteria, and viruses come in too. Once inside, they nestle down into carpet, furniture, rugs, grout, and curtains. Then, any time someone comes into contact with these items (walking on or vacuuming your carpet, sitting on your furniture, pulling your curtains shut, etc) the allergens, bacteria, and viruses can become airborne… and your family will breathe it in! So, it is always wise to prepare your house for back to school with a deep fall clean, too!

By doing this, you can remove all of the allergens, bacteria, and viruses that have snuck in throughout the summer, and get a head start on keeping your family healthy this fall! Especially since flu, cold, and our favorite Cedar Fever time is now just around the corner!

There is a Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing

The other day, I asked my girlfriend, “Why do you use so many different face washes!?” She laughed and said, “It’s not all face wash! One is an exfoliant and one is a cleanser.” She explained that she needs to exfoliate her face first to remove all the grime and dead skin. 

Then, since all of the dirt and grime is out of the way, when applying the cleaner, it can get deep into the pores to clean, and disinfect her skin.

Why am I sharing this? Well, cleaning your home is similar! 

To effectively remove allergens, viruses and bacteria from your home, the dirt and grime needs to go first (like exfoliating). Then, you can sanitize! The thing is, you need to do both to really deep clean and prepare your house for back to school!

Don’t Fall for the Quick Fixes

As summer comes to an end, it is harder and harder to find free time. That is the beauty of cleaning companies (like yours truly)! We can do the work while you tackle your to-do list! But be cautious about who you hire. Why? Well, let us use the face wash/exfoliant example again!

When buying a face wash, you probably want the best one, right? 

Where do you go to find out? You could as a dermatologists who dedicated years to learning about skin! Or, you could as a grocery store employee that is restocking the cleaners? Who do you think will give the best advice?

Sure, there is no “house cleaning” degree, but there IS a difference between an individual with over 25 years of experience, certificates, accreditation, and a 4.8 star review out of 1130 reviews, versus a fella who doesn’t mind dirty work. 

Will there be a difference in cost? Absolutely! (Although, sometimes, not always). But, one is going to have the knowledge and knowhow to do the job correctly! Whereas the other may want to, but they may not have the skills.