Can You Remove Pet Odor from Carpet?

Here in Central Texas, the love for pets is immense! However, more often than not stinky accidents will happen while owning a furry four-legged friend. Removing pet odor typically involves soaking and scrubbing up the stained area and once it is out of sight it brings relief that it is gone. I really would love to tell ya it were that simple, but no bueno, there are layers to this embedded problem. So, here are a few areas to help you digest the facts about animal urine along with the why and how to remove pet odor from your carpet and flooring  SAFELY.

The Effects of Cat Urine

Do you ever notice how cat urine has a fierce smell to it? Even after you think you remove the pet odor! How could that be with such a cute cuddly small creature?

Cat urine is very concentrated and once it dries it crystallizes which creates a nauseating ongoing smell. Typically, a normal cat has traces of various substances that contribute to the urine odor left in your flooring. Small amounts of ammonia, chloride, sulphate, sodium, uric acid, phosphate, urea, creatinine and the biggest percentage being water. Long term exposure to the smell creates problems down the road, especially in adults who are not in the best of health. Many people point out they suffer from allergies toward cat hair. Those with allergies have an oversensitive immune system (which heightens allergies overall) and cat urine often tends to be the culprit. All of those factors definitely need attention to properly remove pet odor.

The Effects of Dog Urine

Sweet pups are capable of carrying a bateria known as ubiquitous. This is found in many wild animals especially in rodents, but is traced often toward domestic dogs as well. Unfortunately, dogs carrying this bacteria may transfer the disease to humans which creates flu-like symptoms. Serious cases may lead to kidney or liver disease. 

Preventative measures call for pet owners to wear disposable gloves and use household disinfectants to clean up urine right away. If this is a common occurrence, we highly recommend a a good professional cleaning! This will remove pet odor but also the bacteria. 

How to Remove Pet Odor Yourself

This will need to happen because most of us pet owners are fully aware the accidents happen often during potty training and toward the end of our pet’s life journey. 

As soon as you notice a mess, be sure to clean it up. (Remember, the odor is caused when the urine dries and crystalizes.) To do so, mix water and vinegar 50/50. Pour it onto the urine, and dab it up. 

If they had an accident on a machine washable item  add one box of baking soda along with your regular detergent and typical washing routine. At this point, if the smell persists or wash again with an enzymatic cleaner. Sometimes, you may need to spot treat! In which case make a blend of one part water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle to have on standby. These are known to break down and remove the pet odor. 

A Topaz tip: cover the pets bedding with a vinyl, flannel-backed tablecloth while in training mode. It is inexpensive, machine washable and not an attractive spot for your pet to soil on.

How a Professional Removes Pet Odor

Maybe you have a good handle on regular clean up duty after all the accidents and removing the pet odor. BUT what about deep down in the carpet, the padding, or the crevices of the flooring? The bacteria that builds up and affects the air quality,

(which general household cleaners often miss) and the lingering pet odor that you may be immune to but guests get greeted by the stench walking into your home is a thing. Topaz Cleaning and Restoration utilize only the best equipment to ensure your carpets are not only clean to the eye, but also clean deep down to help improve all the above problem areas. A complete flush by pouring solutions into the carpet to hit every fiber while pulling out all the foreign substances that create the pet odor and bacterias. This process alarms customers at times due to the volume of liquid that goes onto the carpet but the system that is in place removes ALL of the urine, other pet stains and leaves you with fresh carpet. This is a wonderful option to save money by not replacing all the carpet and focusing on removing pet odors.

Since we have been discussing pets, we feel it right to give a shoutout to the Humane Society of Central Texas!