Soft Wash vs. Pressure Wash

What’s the Difference Between Soft Wash and Pressure Wash?

Well probably the biggest week of the year is here. We are on the home stretch to a new year. 2020 threw everything it had at us this year. As we look back, the last thing that we want is for Santa to have a slip and fall on your roof on Christmas Eve. That’s why this week we want to move away from inside your house and talk about some of our outdoor services. A lot of you know what pressure washing is. It does a great job of making areas of your home look brand new. How many of you know what Soft Washing is though? This is another method of washing your home that could make an economical difference and save you from restoration.

Soft Wash

Texas is an enormous state filled with beautiful landscape and resources. Home builders love to take advantage of that landscape and put a little piece of it on your home. I guess to remind you where you are. However, you can’t treat all materials the same when cleaning the outside of your home. That’s where knowing the difference between Soft Wash and Pressure Wash comes in handy.

Soft Wash is a method of cleaning your house that involves a solution and low pressure water cleaning. First thing your professional cleaner will do is apply a solution. This solution is not only meant to clean, but also sanitize the area being cleaned. Next the solution is left to set for some time. Once it’s set the team will come by with a surface cleaner and rinse all of the solution off at about 60 PSI. Leaving your home looking nice and clean, and hopefully brand new. Soft washing is great for limestone, flagstone, travertine, and especially your roof shingles. 

Pressure Wash

A more familiar type of washing the outside of your home is to have it Pressure Washed. This is a highly effective type of cleaning. However, it is not recommended for the entire outside area of your home. Your common pressure washer can spray some serious pressure, but nothing compared to a professional cleaner. When you put that kind of pressure on soft stones or your roof shingles it can be damaging. That wear and tear can be damaging to your pocketbook too.

When thinking about pressure washing your home make sure it is in areas that can take it. Concrete driveways are a good area for pressure washing. Another material that can take the pressure is your vinyl siding. However, make sure that if you are pressure washing vinyl that your cleaners are aware of any bare wood spots. 

Usually found around windows. Water and untreated wood can be dangerous and create rot. All and all though, pressure washing is a great method to clean some outside areas of your home.

Clear for Landing

Whether you are cleaning up high or down low, with these handy tips now you should know. If you pressure wash the wrong materials, it could be damaging to your home. That damage is called kerfing. It is basically the chipping of stone or tile that is not repairable. So make sure you choose the correct method to get the outside of your home clean. Lastly, be sure to use a company that knows what they are doing. Reason being is that there are solutions in use. If these solutions are not rinsed off correctly, you risk damage to your landscaping and shrubbery. As always if you have any questions always reach out to us at Topaz. These tips will make sure that the runway is clear for Santa’s sleigh. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2021!