The Best Rug To Own With Pets

Man’s best friend is usually our messiest friend as well. So recently I got a question from a customer, “What is the best rug to own with pets?”. It’s a great question. It is definitely something you need to consider when decorating your house or adding some warmth. During this time of year parents, and boyfriends like to surprise each other with a new pet. They are perfect gift to show your love. That’s great and all, but when you bring a new pet in your home you can almost guarantee accidents. In this week’s blog I’ll go over what rugs you shouldn’t own when you have pets. In addition we will discuss which rugs are better to have.

Pet Sees Rug. Pet Has Accident on Rug. Rug is Ruined. Don’t Buy These Rugs.


First off, as professional carpet cleaners we see all different types of rugs in our customer’s houses. Some of the more popular types are jute or sisal rugs. These are the types that are made of grass or fibers. They are natural, and usually brown or tan color. They look great in a house, but are terrible for pets. You cannot clean these types of rugs with a wet method. The best that you will be able to do if your pet has an accident is let it dry. After it dries hopefully you can brush the stain out.

Furthermore, whatever happens do not, I repeat, DO NOT use a wet vac or steamer to clean the accident. You are going to end up with a brown or black spot. These spots are very difficult to get out. I do not recommend these types of rugs in rooms where you plan to have pets for those reasons.

The Perfect Rug, Can Create A Perfect Pet

Now what types of rugs would I recommend for those who have little critters running around. You should steer toward an olefin or a polypropylene rug. Area rugs made from these materials are great for many reasons. First of all they are made from synthetic fibers. If an accident happens on the rug, the nonabsorbent material will not soak in any of that mess. You can assure the professionals will be able to clean the stains and salvage your rug. This is going to extend the rugs life.

The other good thing about these materials is that they are not going to hold on to odor. Wool or natural fiber type of rugs tend to really hold on to the odor left behind by your pets. This will make your room smell musty or fowl. It also makes it difficult for carpet cleaners to get it out. This can end up costing you more than what you may expect.


Say Goobye To The Ruff Life

Finally, when you are shopping for the best rug to own with pets, stick to nylon, olefin, or polypropylene. These types of rugs are going to be easier to clean stains out of. You can assure that your home will not smell from any pet odors that the rug absorbs. You will be able to sleep as snug as a pug on a rug. You’ll have confience that your pet won’t burn a hole in your pocketbook.

We love our pets and couldn’t live without them. If you have any questions on how to prep your home for your pets please reach out to us. We are always happy to give you a consultation on what to expect with our four-legged friends. Happy Holidays from the Topaz family to yours.