Urine-Soaked Carpet can be Dangerous

Here in Central Texas, we LOVE our furry friends. But these rascals occasionally cause problems for those of us who want a clean home! And no, we are not just talking about young puppies and kittens that have not gone through potty training! Pets with urinary tract infections and/or older (more mature) furry friends tend to leave accidents throughout their owners’ homes! That said, it is important to note that urine-soaked carpet does not only cause a foul smell… it can actually be dangerous. 

The Dangers of Urine-Soaked Carpet

There are two primary reasons that urine-soaked carpet can be dangerous:

  1. Ammonia Levels
  2. Mold

Ammonia Levels

All urine has ammonia, but our favorite furry friends’ urine happens to have high levels of ammonia. Now, the occasional accident will not cause a problem (if you quickly clean it!!). However, when a pet has multiple accidents and the urine dries, it will crystalize. The crystalization ends up becoming an issue because it essentially is ammonia concentrate!

When a human being breathes in ammonia (particularly in an area with poor circulation) it can trigger asthma, cause pneumonia, and in some cases even cause suffocation. That said, it is critical that pet owners immediately clean up their pets’ accidents! And honestly, should have their carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year! (Not only will it help the smell of your carpet and improve the air quality in your home, doing so will also extend the life of your carpet!)


So this is a fun (or rather, gross) fact! There are certain types of mold that grow particularly well in urine. How? Well, urine (even dry) attracts moisture and moisture is a breeding ground for… MOLD! Such as black mold, penicillin, and many others! And y’all, mold can cause serious breathing issues! 

Final Thoughts

So, now you can understand why it is not only important to clean your carpet after a pet has an accident to avoid nasty smells, doing so can also improve your (and your family’s) health! If you have pets and it has been a while since your carpets were professionally cleaned, it may be time to do so! Thus, you can take action and avoid the dangers associated with urine-soaked carpet!