What To Expect When Color Sealing Grout

If you couldn’t tell, summer is in full stride. Although we have still been getting some epic summer thunderstorms, everyone is out and about. All of that traffic in an out has surely brought in multiple residues from the outdoors. All of which gets planted on your floors. Last week we gave some helpful tips on cleaning your tile properly. This week we thought we would stay on topic and talk about color sealing, and what to expect when color sealing grout.

Grout is a permanent sealer that holds your tile in place. It is one of the toughest areas of your home to keep clean and stay clean. It’s important to take care of it as best as you can, so you don’t risk the expense of having to replace it all. However, accidents do happen and unfortunately grout is easily stained and discolored. Luckily color sealing can help you maintain the color of your grout and keep it that way for years to come.

What Is The Deal With Color Seal

What exactly is the purpose of color sealing grout? Most people will hire companies to clean their tile and when done the grout will be discolored or not cleaned at all. This can be for a variety of reasons. Most of the time it’s because they didn’t clean it correctly or they used the wrong solution. At this point they will probably offer you a service to color seal the grout or “paint the grout lines”. Before they do so it is important to understand what it is, and how they are planning to perform that task.

Color Sealing is a way to bring your grout back to life. Some companies may call it “grout painting”, but in fact this isn’t a paint used, it is a sealer. If they do use paint, which I hope they do not, you will definitely find that out the next time you clean your tile or just with time.

Sealer is a specially made product/coating that is manufactured by a chemical producer and is growing rapidly. When done properly, the color sealer will last for 5-10 years before you start to see any discoloration.

Does Color Sealer Keep Tile Clean Too

Some folks think when they hear “sealer” that it is like a fence sealer. Fence sealers protect the whole fence so the wood doesn’t rot quickly. This is not the case with color grout sealing. This special sealer is to be used on the grout and grout only. It’s not going to protect your tile or keep it from wear and tear. Do not expect for your tile to stay clean just because your grout is color sealed either. You will still need to clean your tile floors as usual. Sorry. The great thing is if your floors were prepared correctly then your grout should stay the same color after it’s been color sealed.

What you can expect from color sealing grout is an opportunity to change your home’s decor. Color sealing comes in many different colors, so get creative, and make a change that will impact your whole home. Now keep in mind that it’s going to be much easier to go from a light color to dark as opposed to dark to light. You will still have the opportunity to be creative though. So have fun with it.

Seal The Deal

Color sealing grout is a great opportunity for a second life for your tile & grout. So are you ready to seal the deal? Well before you can do so it’s important to know some things. This is not a job for D-I-Yer. There are so many steps that need to happen in order for your color seal job to last. In addition choosing the right product for the job is pivotal. The preparation of your tile and grout is imperative for a job well done. 

Also, when you are hiring a company make sure you know what type of grout “paint” they are using. If it is indeed a paint and not a sealer, then you need to hire someone else. Another thing to look out for is whether they etched the grout to make sure that all the dirt and residue are removed. If they didn’t, you can expect for those areas to peel off eventually after a good cleaning or just by wear and tear.

At Topaz we use the right products to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. We give a written five year guarantee on every job as long as we install them, Additionally, we continue to maintain them as long as you let us. Another thing you should think about when getting this type of work done, is how it is being installed. This process costs a lot of money, so always be sure to hire a company that is going to get it done right. As always, if you have any questions just give us a call, and we’ll take care of y’all!