Why do I Sneeze While Decorating for the Holidays?

Have you ever noticed that around this time of year, when all the decorating is going on, we all start sneezing?? Of course it’s tons of fun to get ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but have you ever wondered why you start to sneeze while decorating for the holidays?

The good news: You’re not alone! The reality is that most people sneeze while decorating for the holidays because of what they’re working with. The decorations have sat in the back of your closet for months, and have collected dust, mold, allergens, and bacteria while there!

The moment you pick those up and disturb the microbes that are hidden in the nooks and crannies of the decorations, you trigger an allergic reaction in your nose by breathing them in. Cue the “sneezing while decorating” reaction.

The solution? Grab a mask (one of the ones I know you’ve got littering your house) to keep the microbes out and start to clean your decorations! 

A few things to consider when cleaning decorations

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Swiffer Cloth are some of our favorite tools for decoration cleaning. Both easily remove dust, grime, and random marks! But be careful when working with finer materials such as velvet, linen, or silk — a magic eraser can cause damage to these materials. 

Pro Tip: Avoid using a magic eraser on most your decorations: many are made with fine materials such as silk, linen, and velvets and could get damaged.

“If a magic eraser won’t work, what do we do?”

If you have more delicate decorations, it might be time to see about getting a professional to step in. Especially when it comes to delicate fabrics, cleaning products can cause staining and bleeding (think of what happens when you throw a couple red socks in the wash with the whites and you end up with pinks instead of whites!) which is why you should always test fabrics with your solution prior to cleaning it.

Sound like a hassle to get your decorations clean?

Contact us! We’ve developed tried and true methods of testing fabrics (implemented while cleaning rugs!) and we’re ready to step in with our fabric knowledge, ready to deep-clean your decorations. In fact, many of our long-standing clients hire us to do so!

Case in Point: Our client’s house flooded, and her prized Christmas decorations ended up soaking and sitting in water until they were dirty and slightly damaged. This is the result of our work for her.

So, Are You Sneezing While Decorating for the Holidays?

If you answered yes, then it is time to clean your decorations! So do yourself (and your lungs) a favor and set aside some time to deep clean your decorations. When you get to the ones that are a bit more delicate and sentimental? Give us a call!