Central Texans, You Can Combat Fall Allergies while in Your Home!

If you ask us, Fall is one of the BEST times of year (especially here in Central Texas)! There is endless football, pumpkin spiced everything, and it is finally cool enough to enjoy the great outdoors. But with Fall comes Fall allergies! And y’all, these allergies don’t just make it miserable outside, they can make it really tough inside as well! So we are providing a few tips to help make it more bearable! Here are ways to help combat fall allergies while in your home

Central Texas’s Fall Allergies

If you want to combat fall allergies while in your home, you first need to understand which allergens you are up against! 

  1. Ragweed – (Early August – Mid October)
  2. Fall Elm (September, February – March). The real name is Cedar elm, and this is different than the notorious Cedar Fever (caused by mountain cedar) that will spike during the winter!
  3. Alternaria mold (Early Spring – Mid Fall)

Once Inside, Where Do They Go?

Allergens are tricky! While you are outside, they will cling to you (your skin, hair, clothes, shoes, etc.). Then, when you (your kids, guests, pets, and anyone else) go inside, the allergens come in, too! Once inside, they nestle their way into carpets, rugs, drapery, and upholstery! Then anytime these surfaces are touched, the pesky allergens become airborne!

How to Combat Fall Allergies While in Your Home

There are a few different ways to help reduce or eliminate allergens from your home. The most effective way is to properly clean and sanitize your home!

Pro tip: What do we mean by clean and sanitize? Well, people often mistake vacuuming/dusting/sweeping for sanitizing. These things will help collect and remove dirt and grime whereas sanitizing will penetrate the fibers and kill harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and allergens!

Aside from cleaning, here are some additional tips:

  1. Remove your shoes at the door! (It really does make a difference). Remember, allergens will cling to your shoes. If you tromp around your house while wearing your allergen-covered shoes… well then, they will have an easier time spreading through your house.
  2. If you spend a long time outside (walking your dog, going for a run, sitting on a porch with friends), once inside your house, change clothes!
  3. If you have a dog, brush them (while outside) a bit more often during this time of the year! This will help you remove the allergens from their fur!

Final Thoughts

Here in Texas, Fall is amazing… but, man oh man the allergies can wreak havoc! Now we cannot help you get rid of allergens everywhere! But we can help you combat fall allergies while in your home!