Wet carpet after cleaning? We can fix it!

Inadequate pressure or suction, subpar or aged equipment, incorrectly mixed cleaning products and service providers rushing to fulfill on a cheap job often leave a bad taste, nasty odors, and a wet carpet after cleaning.

Topaz Cleaning & Restoration has been the Go-To professional cleaning service in San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas for decades.

We pride ourselves on taking our time and doing things right the first time.

In addition to carefully mixing the right combination of cleaning solution to tackle your stains without damaging your rugs, carpets, drapery or upholstery (or leaving a wet carpet after cleaning), all of our technicians are certified and held to the highest industry standards to ensure that your home or facility is cared for. Our owner Earnest Glenn carries a Master Textile Cleaner certification from IICRC and has spent more than 23 years working with the right combinations to clean and protect your home and property.

Just one call, we take care of ya’ll!

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a subpar clean, call us today and let us show you how we care!
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